Sunday, July 22, 2007

New York - Strawberry & Field's forever

New York - home to yellow taxis, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, and Patricia Field. Well maybe, for some of you, that last one may not rate a mention in your list of iconic images of the big apple but it certainly does in mine. If for only my parent's benefit I will quickly explain that Patricia Field was responsible for the cult following and adventurous creations (as Costume Designer) on Sex and the City, and was more recently the stylist for the film The Devil Wears Prada. Visiting the Patricia Field store in Greenwich Village was officially my first Sex and the City experience and was it fabulous? *insert SATC reference* Abso-*@#$-lutely ;)

My first early morning glimpse of NY always fills me right up to the brim

Finding the tiny boutique on such a sultry day was in itself an adventure. After some subway navigation issues I eventually honed-in on my destination and walked completely past the shop and thankfully so, because I came across the best food store ever! Whole Foods Market for those playing at home. Aisles and aisles of every imaginable gourmet offering, utensils and fresh food. Now for some numbers....

1 = the number of hours spent in the said supermarket
16 = the total number of fresh bread roll varieties I counted on offer in their bakery section
$US50 = how much lighter my wallet was after the visit.

Phew! It was time to walk back to Patricia Field after such an expensive, but wonderful, detour.

Walking into the boutique I was greeted by girls dressed in oh so chic punk attire - short shorts over black fishnets, obligatory rock-group t-shirt, heavy eyeliner offset by some incredibly cute accessories. I had a couple of friends who were not far from my thoughts during the visit, most especially my *insert American slang* BFF Louise who is perhaps a bigger fan of Sex and the City than me, and I just know she would have been salivating over the Carrie-esque bling and clothes like I was. Fast forward the purchase of a pair of gold sparkly hooped earrings and a pretty blue dress, I was again zipping across Manhattan towards the upper West Side to visit a good family friend and his cute as a button daughter Emma who had recently turned four.

The three of us walked around the corner from their apartment to a lovely retro diner which looked just like a movie set, with seats at the counter and pots of coffee on the warmers. Lunch (of American sized proportions) was followed by scoops of homemade strawberry ice cream (with chunks of real strawberries), a big frothy milkshake and two rides on the Donald Duck musical sidewalk ride. All in all, a pretty good afternoon for two girls that day in Manhattan!

Emma, wearing the Moomin hair clips and matching hat which I brought back with me from Finland